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    Finding balance in the life I chose.....

    Finding balance in the life I chose.....

    Oh my goodness I seriously envy those mums that manage to parent, work full-time and manage to keep their houses spotless and washing up to date. Me, I am not one of those mums at all - haha! I am a wife,  full-time parent and I own half an online business that sees me working from home. I manage and run the household including the housework, washing, grocery shopping and paying the bills. I choose to bake our own bread and snacks for the kid’s school lunches. My daily to do list is long, really long. Longer than then I have time to get everything done. Most days my washing basket is overflowing and my house looks like a tornado has passed through it (aka as Miss 3, who has a habit of leaving her belongings all over the floor from one end of our small house to the other). And as I sit here typing I am looking at a folding basket over flowing, washing hanging on clothes airers drying and toys scattered all over the place.

    I work hard every day trying to maintain my household and every day I try to find a balance between being a wife, mum, household manager and business owner. Every time I feel I have found a balance - life shifts. My children’s needs change, my needs change and the things I want to achieve change. And in all honesty, I really don’t mind. The reason I don’t mind is because this is the life I chose and I 100% love it. I love that no day is the same. I love that my flexibility of work and my decision to be a stay at home parent means that when my children need me I am there.

    Like today for instance, Miss 3 recently started 2 days a week of 3-year-old kindy and it wears her out. Since becoming an older sister in February she is still adjusting to her new role in our family and kindy life. So, between these two factors we have seen her behaviour at times go down the toilet resulting in massive tantrums/meltdowns. I know a lot of it comes from being tired, but some of it is trying to get some attention. So, when those tantrums hit I know she is needing some extra love and attention. To tackle her tiredness, we have dropped swimming lessons this term and have been spending more time on non-kindy days at home in our pjs having downtime. Today we are home in our pjs, today she needed me to take time out from my chores and sit and cuddle her on the couch whilst she watched her movie. So, this is exactly what we did. Yes, I could have been getting that long to do list done, but in that moment that list was not important. What was important was giving my baby girl the cuddle she needed.

    Yes, the state of my house gets to me and frustrates the hell out of me (just as much as when I mop my floors and something is spilt on them within the hour) and I am always apologising for the mess when people visit, but it is a home. Our home. A well lived in home with a family who adore each other. My house may be a mess (and when I say mess I mean a clean mess) and my washing basket may be overflowing but we always have clean clothes. We always have fresh homemade food. My children have a safe and loving home and that is all that matters.

    I will keep searching every day for that balance and keep working hard to be the best mum, wife, business owner and household manager I can possibly be. Why? Because this is my life, the one I chose and love, the one I would not change for anything.

    But seriously if you are one of those mums that manages to parent, work and keep your household spotless, please feel free to leave me any helpful tips you have stumbled upon in the comments below.

     Amanda xx