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    Did I Say holiday?

    Did I say holiday?

    In a few weeks my husband and I with our three children are heading on a much needed holiday to Penang. We are counting down the days until we are in the sunshine by the swimming pool relaxing as a family.

    As I always do I start making my lists of what we need to take with us for our grand voyage. The list is long, very long. In fact my notebook was not one page of items required but several.

    I begin placing things in our spare room as I am adamant I will not be packing at midnight the day before we leave.

    Suitcases, two large, two small, two backpacks, nappy bag and bag for ipads, computers and a change of clothes for the kids. This is where I start. Next, two prams, one with skateboard attachment. The baby carrier and travel cot. The room is filling up pretty quickly.

    When I start on clothes and shoes, is the moment the cold sweats start and I think to myself, are we moving to a remote town with no access to shops or the internet or going on a ten day family vacation.

    Here we go, eight t-shirts each for the boys and three for our little miss. Five pairs of shorts for the two boys, a pair of board shorts and a rashy each. A hat each. Five pairs each of pj’s. Two pairs of shoes. One light jumper. Little miss who still regularly amazes us with poop patterns through her outfits that Picasso would be jealous of, requires enough dresses, nappy covers, shorts and leggings to make allowance for this. She too needs a pair of shoes, bathers, pj’s and a hat. WE ARE NOW LITERALLY AT EIGHTY ITEMS OF CLOTHING!!

    This does not include, my own and my husbands clothes, enough nappies for two nappy wearers, toiletries, a few toys and baby food.

    As I write this I am laughing because I haven’t worked out just yet how we will fit this into the car and get to the airport with three children still in car seats and wonder whether we may be forced to hitch on our trailer.

    So, if you happen to be at the airport at the same time as us, give us a wave. We won’t be hard to find, we are the ones taking our luggage out of a trailer, struggling to fit everything on one of those stupid luggage trollies that you can’t get to move because you haven’t pushed down hard enough on the handle bars, three children two of whom will be wondering off in different directions and two parents gritting their teeth behind their smiling faces because they are off on a god damn relaxing family holiday!